4th Annual PPI Print ROCKS! Awards

As a member of the Pacific Printing Industries Association for over 30 years we were so glad to take part in the 4th Annual PPI Print ROCKS! Awards for 2011. The awards are for print industry professionals in 6 Pacific northwest states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon & Washington.

We were so honored to win 1st place in the Category of Self Promotion for companies with 20 Employees or Less, 2nd Place in the Category of Die-Cuts and Involvement Devices, Honorable Mention for Best in Show, and a trophy for Overall Best In Division for 20 Employees or Less.

Our self-promotion piece the Vince's Logo "V" Box, designed by our incredible die-maker Joe Paz (pictured above accepting the awards from Michael Makin, president of Printing Industries of America), took first place in a field that included a range of printed materials. We were amazed, but not surprised, that a die-cut piece was able to turn heads without one bit of ink on it. It reminded us again that die-cutting can set any project apart from the rest getting it the notice it deserves.

If you have a project that needs to be noticed and could use the edge die-cutting gives, contact us and our award-winning team will be happy to help.